Recipes and Stories is a project by Friction Arts. Friction Arts have been making ‘art where you live’ for over 25 years, we firmly believe in the transformative nature of the arts, with communities and individuals, and are committed to expanding the reach of the arts into places they have not been before. Friction is an artist led organisation, and we work with all kinds of artists and all kinds of art to make our work. If you want to find out more about what we do, just click the link at the top of this website.

This is a sister project in response to Friction Arts’ Multi-cultural Music Making programme across City Road Primary, St. Patricks and St. Edmunds Primary Schools.


Recipes and Stories has been an opportunity to connect with the families of our Multi-cultural Music Making project across the schools in a new way. Together we have worked with food to share stories of our upbringing, of our cultures, of our roots. We worked with 7 mothers, 1 auntie, 1 grandmother, 8 daughters and 9 sons over 5 months making 1 Shepard’s pie, 25 profiteroles, 1 cheesey bake, 16 loaves of bread, 1 coconut soup and countless pizzas. Families brought us recipes from Yemen, Pakistan, Handsworth,  Egypt, Somalia, and Ladywood and stories from their kitchens.

We have explored strange veg, common spices and cooking at home, we learnt that some things are easier, healthier and cheaper to make in your own kitchen, and how some families cook the exact same dishes with completely different ingredients!
What you will find here is the story of the project, dotted with recipes that have been important to us at some point along the way. We have begun to understand the place of food in our families, why we learnt to make certain dishes and where we find new ones.
We want to thank everyone that contributed to the project for their enormous generosity and food expertise, City Road Primary School for allowing us to set up various kitchens and all of the many taste testers.

Big thanks also for the fantastic photographs from Kate Green and Holly O’Meara.