Shepherds Pie

Possibly our most popular recipe during the project – everyone wanted to learn how to make shepherd’s pie. Here’s the recipe so you CAN try this at home.

Saiqa first connected with us at the launch event, she was interested in learning a ‘Shepard’s pie’ recipe, she explained her daughter had eaten it as school dinners and come home asking for it. We learnt that the first dish she ever made independently was a cauliflower curry, she had followed her mother’s recipe exactly, everything was going fine and at the last moment she added a cup of water and ruined the dish, her mother told her off about it and she  decided not to use water in cooking again! This story made me realise why the Shepard’s pie had gone wrong for her in the past.  Saiqa was a real testament to the project, working with her and her family on the the project a pleasure.

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